The Woodmizer Sawmill enables the Wrays and Haitian staff to cut boards to the sizes they need. It makes good use of the local trees that have been on the ground since Hurricane Matthew.

Apartment Addition

Four newly completed apartments on top of the existing boy's dorm will provide visitors, who come to help the Wrays for a longer period of time, a private place to stay separate from visiting groups.

Water Activity Area

Recent expansion of the swimming lake has allowed for many more water activities for campers. Additional waterslides allow for more slipping and sliding!

Completed Perimeter Wall 


The 8' high concrete wall runs around the perimeter of the camp providing security and acting as a levee during rainy season when the river floods. Chain link fence has been installed on top of the wall around the entire perimeter. 

New Shop


The new shop provides shelter for vehicles and a covered area to work on machinery.