In the Fall of 2008 the Wrays' took a medical team to the Renault slum on the west side of Les Cayes. Throughout the medical clinic everyone noticed many small children in the area, however very few of them went to church. As the team asked around they learned that Haitian culture does not allow a person (adult or child) to go to church unless they have clean Sunday clothes and dress shoes. As it would not be possible for the kids to go to church, the Wrays prayed about it and eventually began a Sunday school ministry where the children could come as they are. With the help of Christian Haitian young people, they began to reach out to these very poor children. This included a hot meal every Sunday after Sunday school. After one year they were able to purchase a small piece of land and construct an open-air building, which they continue to use each Sunday. The Sunday school is a time where the Haitian children sing praises to God, learn about His word, find medical care, and leave with full stomachs. 


Facts about Renault


  * Many children are abandoned at birth and now live as "yard slaves" 


  * Residents of Renault do not own the land, but rather are squatters and pay the equivalent of $1 USD per month for their small plots of land


  * Around 1500 children attend the Renault Sunday School program each week


  * Many children report that the only food they receive all week is the manna pack rice they receive at the program